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A SKetchbook(ed) LIfe in progress

Sidestreet Arts

With all the everything going on… I have neglected posting on this my website. Let’s get up to speed…

A Sketchbook(ed) is currently in progress at my (member) gallery, Sidestreet Arts in Portland, OR. Online at Sidestreetarts.com, you’ll find the art that’s in the show… and you can buy directly from the site; and art can be shipped to you wherever you are!

AND… Sunday, October 18th, I’ll be giving a Zoom art talk. It’ll be half workshop, so bring your sketchbook, or not. I’ll show you what books and art supplies I prefer and give you “my approach” to the art of sketchbooking. I’ll share all the different techniques I use to fill my sketchbooks and we’ll have time to chat and Q&A at the end. Join me!

Here’s the ID # 859 4382 0201 …. Passcode: gallery

It’s Coming Soon!

My upcoming show at Sidestreet

I’ve been getting this show together for the last few months… It’ll be here before you know it. There will be sketchbooks at the gallery to peek into. There’ll be new art based on sketches done in previous books, artwork that was conceived in sketchbooks… and framed reproductions of sketchbook covers. There’ll be a Zoom Art Opening and an artist talk as well…. stay tooned!


I’m sketching into October… everyday in the month of October, I will post on Instagram and Facebook, an inked drawering. Each day of the month has an official prompt on the official Inktober website. So the “word of the day” is interpreted by artists all over the world and uploaded onto social media with the hashtag Inktober and Inktober2017.

So come find me on Instagram (I am brigtoon on Instagram) and on Facebook under my name. Smiles! And I hope you enjoy the silly stuff I come up with!