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Summ(er)ing up

Sidestreet Arts… our artist owned Portland art gallery

It’s been a strange Winter and Spring… plagued (forgive the pun) with illness and “homing” it. Personally, I spent a goodly amount of time on my couch with the iPad making zines and keeping art-ified. Most of January was lost to “the crud”… and part of February, too. But I pulled out of it, making art cards and zines and Instagram-ing them for sale.

The gallery was closed during the shutdown, of course… but we members sprung into action to keep people “Sidestreeting”… We introduced an internet-based website platform to see and buy art from us… we also set up Zoom First Fridays and BYOBrunch events so people all over everywhere could participate. This required a lot of behind the scenes work… and we are continuing these online events as Oregon isn’t out of the woods yet (another pun-ish-ment) with pandemic response, etc.

Now, as we head into Summer, Sidestreet Arts is open once again. Along with working the gallery, I’m also working towards a sketchbook show in October (at Sidestreet). I’ll be sharing over 153 sketchbooks with the art-viewing public. I’ve been going through every single book and documenting them, as well as noting sketches to turn into new artworks and such.

One of the many shelves of sketchbooks, which are now better organized!

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