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Happy New Year

New Year-ing… already in progress.

What’s behind Door Number One? Opportunity… hear the knocking?

2019 is already underway. It’s time to move ahead, open new doors and shout “Let’s do this!” I love the sweet possibilities that come with the turn of the calendar year.

Already, I’ve thrown myself into planning some exciting events for Sidestreet Gallery, including a mural opportunity, and an upcoming collage show in March… and a dual art show in August with ceramic artist Nicole Curcio.

As an artist-creative person… I plan on spending more time experimenting with new materials; I plan on finding creative solutions to life’s everyday problems and finding ways to apply art , in and to, everything. ART: Modus Vivendi. Art, way of life.

In the coming year, I will fret less, let God more, rejoice often, look for something to be happy about in every situation, and Never Forget that “Tout est Possible.”