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New issue of Art-o-Rama

The latest issue of my zine, Art-o-Rama :Number 40, is now out and available in the online shoppe. This issue digs up some of my old sketchbooks. I randomly copied pages out of several to share them with you, along with some light commentary.

Number 40, cover -“A Page Outta My Book”
In this issue, I copy pages from random sketchbooks, starting with sketchbook #100.
Pages from several sketchbooks I’ve done over the years… some with commentary.

If you are unfamiliar with my zine, it started way back in the Fall of 2012 as a way to entertain the right side of my brain… the part that likes to cut, paste and write. Thusly, I focus on art, comics, and word…. like stories about things that intrigue me. I self-produce an issue every other month. Each zine has 12 stapled pages and is copied either on my (old) laser printer (in the beginning) and now on my home inkjet printer. I do offer subscriptions in the books & zine section of my online store, or you can become my Patreon (at that level) and get the zine and other swell Patreonic goodies.