FFF or… Feb First Fri

It’s FFF… and it means chocolate… in honor of St. Valentine. Mmmmm…

Friday, Feb 4, 2011… The Cartoonery, 5 E. Gabilan Street, Suite 205, Oldtown Salinas (Upstairs from First Awakenings)…

Fun starts at 5pm and ends at 8 pm. There will be toon talkin’ and conversation… and fun.

A Very Squiddy Christmas

I’m feeling the spirit early this year… maybe it’s because my calendar is full. Maybe it’s because there’s a need for extra Christmas cheer this year, what with the recession and all. Maybe there’s EXTRA good to be done, more good will to spread and more merry to make. I can’t explain my “early Christmas mood”, nor do I want to question it! I will simply go with it and perhaps bless others as I have been blessed.

That said… Friday, December 3rd… is First Friday in Oldtown Salinas. Endeavoring to do something a bit more special and also to make merry, I open the Cartoonery door and invite folks in to “A Very Squiddy Christmas!” There will be fun gifts for the holidays… buttons and cards, and holiday ornaments… and half of all purchases of anything in the studio here will go into a Red Kettle for the Salvation Army. My little red coffee can will also be accepting donations for the Food Bank. I have decked the walls with holiday what nots and Judy has quite the holiday treating planned. Piping hot chocolate will warm the soul… and if you have the notion, you might ask for a little extra “holiday spirit” in your cup.

So come be merry with us! … even if you haven’t found your Christmas spirit yet… you’ll find it here.

First Friday in November

I love Fall… the leaves dot the ground… there’s a slight chill in the air… Judy’s sweets and home-made cookies on a plate at the Cartoonery and my door is open. 

Friday, November 5, 5-8 pm.

5 East Gabilan Street, Suite 205, Oldtown Salinas

There’s treats and eats (made by Judy’s hand) … there’ll be music in the hall (by Mr. Zach Gubser)… and there’s a slew of new magnets and buttons. (My personal favorite: Drink Coffee, Make Art… or … Have You Hugged Your Squid Today?)

And all the art on the walls is half off… for those of you getting ready for that big holiday on the horizon.

FOR NEXT First Friday… special holiday cards… and gift items…. so get ready!

THREE Upcoming Events!

Squid Row will soon be appearing in three upcoming events! I give to you now…. info.

Squid Row will have a table at this event. Buttons, magnet, t-shirts, books and the like… drop by!

The Cartoonery (the home of Squid Row) will be open for the Open Studios starting with the First Friday Artwalk Kick off from 5-8 pm, Friday… then 11-5 for the weekend.

Come by 5 E. Gabilan, Suite 205 in Oldtown Salinas (CA) for snacks, chatter, and lots of Squid fun. For more info visit this link.

Table info to follow… see more APE here…

First Friday

What a rollickin’ First Friday! Oh the joy of meeting up with old pals, meeting new pals, and sharing Squid with new readers!

RJ brought his awesome rice pudding… Mr. Riley brought some Laughing Cow… and Judy made her incredible Absinthe Cake. Deeee-lish.

It was a fun night of food and conversation… Pam from La Belle Epoche  (down on Main St.) dropped by as did Spencer and some of his pals. George & Mimi, Lisa & Maria (visiting from sunny Portland), Mr. Maybe (in a spanky hat), Jared (a brand new reader) found The Cartoonery… Mr. Riley and Liz, Dave & Olga, Natalie, Paula, Spider man RJ, silly girl Zee, Chris & John (so glad you’ve resurfaced!) … and Wally among others.

Up on Squid Row Mama’s Flicker: A few more photos of this First Friday… and a TON of Vespas snapshots, which has it’s very own set now… hee hee. Obsessions are fun.

Parisian signs

I found this at a snack stand in Luxembourg Park. It's Barbapapa! Cotton Candy!
This tree lives along the banks of the Seine.

This is a photograph of a mailbox... I dig the texture.
This sign was over by The Pantheon. Yay! Electric cars!
It's Pizza Chicken!

… expression is the conveyor belt of art… or is it the other way around?