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It’s ARToberFest time!


Open Studio Time At The Cartoonery!

Come by The Home Office of Squid Row! We got some new goodies (just in time for you early X-mas shopping)… New Buttons  and magnets! new designs! New Mini-watercolors (original art) of the whole Squid Gang! Affordable original art! Get them before they’re gone!

And, of course, we’ll have tastey munchies… good conversation… and you can check out the ol’ workspace and see how cartoonists do their thing! That’s right… see a live Cartoonist @ work!

First Friday & Harold @ Somos!

It’s First Friday! … time for some fun!

Come down to Oldtown Salinas… and up to The Cartoonery for some fine treats, silly company and fun times. Lots going on this time ’round. Over at Rollick’s Coffee (210 Main St.) you can see a collection of Squid Row art, from watercolor paintings to acrylics… to original Squid Row cartoons! At Somos, a few doors down (new location) you can see a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW piece… we’ll just call “Harold”…. and of course, upstairs at The Cartoonery there’ll be silly conversation and a dang fine assortment of tastey desserts (by the hand of Judy!)

Friday… August 5, 2011

The Cartoonery:

5 E. Gabilan Street, Suite 205, Oldtown Salinas… from 5-8pm.

After 8 pm, I’ll be heading to Somos (see invite on yer right)… You will love their new spiffy digs! So come on down to catch some tight beats and even more treats and look at some cool artwork on their walls!

(more info: call 831 234-8340)

Squid Row Book Signing at Rollick’s

Got your copy of Squid Row: Welcome to the Neighborhood?

Well, if you don’t, you can drop by Rollick’s Coffee on July 16th (Saturday) from 1-4pm and pick one up. The artist, Bridgett Spicer (that’s me!) will be there to sign books, hobnob and drink coffee!

Rollick’s Coffee is located at 210 Main Street in Salinas, CA.

Need more info? contact me at or call 831 234-8340.

Pictured here is Harold, Randie’s stufftie, reading the brand new book!

It’s Official! The New Squid is out!

That’s right! The new Squid Row compilation book has dropped! Squid Row: Welcome to the Neighborhood is available now! You can buy it at or come to The Cartoonery and purchase one right on the spot! That’s in Oldtown Salinas… 5 E. Gabilan Street, Suite 205, above First Awakenings in Salinas. Look for it soon at a fine bookselling establishment…. (locations to follow shortly)…

Rollick’s Book signing event! Saturday, July 16th, 1-4 pm. Rollick’s Coffee, Oldtown Salinas. Come get a coffee & some Squid!

June Firstest Friday

It’s happening… June First Friday, Ya’ll…. (that’s June 2, 2011)

5 E. Gabilan Street, Suite 205… upstairs above First Awakenings…. Old Town Salinas, CA

As usual, there will be munchies and such… served betwixt 5 and 8pm…. (after that the cartoonist turns into a pumpkin).

psssst: GET A SNEAK PEEK AT THE NEW SQUID ROW BOOK! We have a copy floating around the office… see the amazing full-color Squid Book and if you haven’t pre-ordered it yet… come up on FF and do so!

May’s First Friday

May 6… it’s first friday in Salinas. Oldtown is ready to party again.

The Cartoonery is open from 5-8pm, Upstairs in the McDougall building (look for the flag!)

5 E. Gabilan Street, Suite 205. (That’s in Oldtown Salinas, ya’ll)… CA.

Toons, giggles and Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider. Come get silly in Sillyness (Salinas).

100th Sketchbook Party!

It’s been a long time coming…

One-hundredth Sketch Book Party

Friday- April 22nd, 6-8pm, 5 E. Gabilan St., Suite 205, Oldtown Salinas (CA)

Help celebrate my 100th sketch book. It’s not everyday ya finish a hundred sketchy books! Big ol’ Cartoonery Party… April 22nd. That’s Good Friday and Earth Day!
There will be free toonies by moi… there will be selected sketchbooks (1-99) to browse through, you’ll get your very own mini-sketchbook (with a catch… and release, repeat)… come see what that’s all about! Cupcakes by Jude will be served… so come get silly at The Cartoonery!

No April Fools Here!

I am really looking forward to this show. It’s just toons, y’all! I completed 3 new acrylic paintings for this event and watercolored two toons. I hadn’t busted out the non-digital paints in awhile and it felt good to slather paint on canvas (you can’t slather watercolors, mind you).

Feel Spring-y? First Friday in March

Hi Ho, First Friday-ers!

It’s the First Friday in March… and with the lovely weather comes a sense of get-out-ability! And the time change means get out and stay out!

Soooo… come by The Oldtown Salinas Art Walk, Friday, March 4, 2011

The Cartoonery is in the McDougall Building (upstairs from First Awakenings) at 5 E. Gabilan Street, Suite 205, Salinas

Fun is from 5pm until 8 pm. There’s always munchies and treats…

The Cartoonery is home to the daily comic Squid Row (as seen in The Monterey County Herald). So come see what Squid Row is all about… mingle with the ‘toonist/creator (that’s me) and have some fun!