Mimosa Sunday at Sidestreet Arts

Sip Mimosas and snack on brunchy type tasties while viewing art… Cathi Newlin and Don Hall will be in the Main Gallery August 26th from 11 am to 2 pm. Member artists and newly membered artists will be there, too… and that’s me! Come hobnob with us.

You can also thumb through my matted original mixed media pieces in the small works gallery. The “Stained Glass Series” is growing…

Stained Glass Series Original Mixed Media

Sidestreet Arts, 140 28th (at Ash) in Portland, Oregon.

For more info: SidestreetArts.com 


New Works: A New Direction

I’ve found myself embracing Abstraction; it’s always interested me, but I’ve never drawn or painted abstractly. The current Diebenkorn exhibition at PAM (Portland Art Museum) has grabbed my enthusiasm, and I’ve been throwing myself into abstract mixed media pieces. Some have recognizable subjects… and others do not, but they all share a bright palette and cartoony whimsicality. You can’t take that out of a cartoonist, I guess.

Upcoming Events: September 2018

The Group Show, Sidestreet Arts Gallery, September 5-30th, Reception: Friday, Sept. 7th from 6-9 pm. 140 SE 28th Ave., Portland, OR

New Collage

Picasso’s Absinthe, $195 5×7 matted framed to 8.5×11

I have been busy cutting up paper. I have 5 new framed artworks and a few more in various stages of “moving along”. This one is called Picasso’s Absinthe. It’s a 5×7 collage and mixed media piece inspired by, well, Picasso’s drinking habits… as well as his other habits… like his habit of cheating on the women he was involved with. Besides that… As a drinker of absinthe myself, I like this one very much. The green fairy visits often and my obsession with the teals and blue greens was satisfied in this piece. $195.

Be sure to stop by the Sidestreet Arts gallery on 28th in Portland, Oregon and have a look at some of my other collages hanging around.

Sidestreet Arts Gallery


Sidestreet Arts is showing some of my work. The Fabulous Sidestreeters (members) are showing a collection of my MugShots (coffee cup art) and 8 of my small collages, including some very new pieces. Be sure to drop by the gallery at 28th and Ash (Portland) and have a looksee. The Sidestreet(er) regular member artists have some really great work in their gallery… and the guest artists (like me) have some truly fabulous work, also, as well (like Gary Hirsch’s Bot Joy robots and Paulina Archambault’s portraits) .

Visit sidestreetarts.com for more info and have a look at their Instagram feed.

Oregon Coast Comic Con

I will be tabling at the Oregon Coast Comic Con in Tillamook on March 24th & 25th, 2018. It is my first Oregon Comics event and I will be looking forward to displaying my wares.

I will be bringing Squid Row books (1&2), brand new hand drawn pinback buttons (no two are exactly alike!), the MugShots, lots of issues of Art-o-rama (zines), Randie & Ryan prints, and more!

For more info, you can poke around at their official site:


First Show of the New Year

Coffee Fairies, Sketchy People, & Joe…    

If you like coffee and art, you might drop by Motivasi Coffee to see Jack Kent‘s Sketchy People Series and my Coffee Fairy collage series. Motivasi Coffee is located at 4502 NE 42nd Ave. in Portland, OR. The folks there are real friendly and they make some amazing coffee. Show starts the second week of January.                   

Art-O-Rama Christmas

It’s coming… the Christmas Season… and I know that you are probably beginning to think about the upcoming gift buying situation. Why not give the gift of Art-o-rama this year? Zines make great gifts! Here’s some options:

The Holiday Bundle: Here’s a pack of all the Christmas issues thus far, 5 issues (not including this year’s 2017-18 edition). $20 (that’s 5 issues for the price of 4).

The Christmas Suite: The 5 Christmas Issues plus the upcoming 2017-18 issue. $25 (6 issues for the price of 5).

Choose-O-Rama: Choose any 5 issues for $20. (see a full list under books & zines page) or here’s a link

Mystery Pack: 4 ??? issues. $15

OR a Subscription to Art-o-rama… 6 issues every other month- $36

**Shipping and handling is $3.50

Contact me at brig@squidrowcomics.com to order. Tell me what you want and where you want it sent to, and I’ll email you the details.

Offer good through December 8th, 2017

… expression is the conveyor belt of art… or is it the other way around?