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Art-o-Rama Zine for February/March 2019

I have produced my zine, “Art-o-Rama”, since October of 2012. Every other month I investigate a concept, theme or idea. I like to celebrate seasons and sometimes document trips or experiences. I enjoy researching topics and sharing obsessions. Whatever is fascinating me as an artist, usually winds up in the zine.

While there are so many issues that I am fond of and certainly proud of, here are some of my favorite zines that I’ve done over the years:

It’s Coffee Time: Issue 22 … coffee has been a constant companion and I drink it obsessively. To not do a zine on joe would be criminal.

Eat, Drink, & Be Merry: Issue 20… I love me some Christmas time and the jolly time of year inspires me to search for what makes the season so special. What does it mean to be Merry? I ofter up, food.

A Guide to Falling into Autumn: Issue 37… I love Fall, and having moved to the Pacific Northwest has made the affection so much stronger. I illustrate the things that make me love it so.

Now you can subscribe to “Art-o-Rama” through the online store! You’ll get 6 issues (1 year) for $36. It’s super easy and it will come straight to your mailbox via the Postals. Portal to subscription

Happy New Year

New Year-ing… already in progress.

What’s behind Door Number One? Opportunity… hear the knocking?

2019 is already underway. It’s time to move ahead, open new doors and shout “Let’s do this!” I love the sweet possibilities that come with the turn of the calendar year.

Already, I’ve thrown myself into planning some exciting events for Sidestreet Gallery, including a mural opportunity, and an upcoming collage show in March… and a dual art show in August with ceramic artist Nicole Curcio.

As an artist-creative person… I plan on spending more time experimenting with new materials; I plan on finding creative solutions to life’s everyday problems and finding ways to apply art , in and to, everything. ART: Modus Vivendi. Art, way of life.

In the coming year, I will fret less, let God more, rejoice often, look for something to be happy about in every situation, and Never Forget that “Tout est Possible.”

New Shoppe Items

New Print in the online shoppe 

I’ve added a few items to the “Reproductions” section in the online shoppe. Also… a few more handmade Christmas ornaments. So if you’re looking to do some Christmas shopping via the internet… why not have a visit? 

New Print in Reproductions

Dearest Harold…

Mon Cher Stufftie, Harold… has gone to live with my niece, Madilyn. Over the years, she and Harold and Bear, Madi’s adored Stufftie, were the best of pals. On a trip to Hawaii earlier this year, Bear got separated from Madi and became a Stufftie Missing in Action. He has yet to be found. Madi, of course, was distraught and misses Bear with all her heart. (Pictured below is Harold with a new friend at Madilyn’s house).

This Thanksgiving, we visited Madi and her family… with Harold. Harold asked if he could stay with Madi for the duration, and it was quite apparent that he needed to stay with Madilyn from now on. I am filled with joy that they are together… and I will, of course, miss my little Stufftie pal, but I know that he is close to Madi’s heart, and we’ll always know where he is.

I will send down Harold’s clothes and things soon… his beret, Hawaiian shirt, his feather boa (don’t ask), top hat and other things. He will be greatly missed but also… very loved … from all sides.

A Holly Jolly Time a’Comin’

We are speeding towards the Christmas Season! I don’t have to tell you that we are nearly at Thanksgiving and that put’s us a month away from Christmas. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m on a bullet train to holidaytown…. Folks are readying their Naughty and Nice lists, Shopping lists, Christmas Card lists… and speaking of cards, I have a Holly Jolly Christmas card in the online shop.
They come in a package of six. Cards are 5×7 in size, blank inside, and the price is $25 with shipping included. Get a jump on those cards by ordering today by visiting the online store!

The Coffee Fairy is in the Shoppe

Look! It’s the Coffee Fairy! And you can find her in the Online Shoppe… She’s smiling and ready to serve… The coffee is a’pourin’… and the zing is about to kick in.

This is a laser print of an original collage on paper; it’s 8.5 inches by 11 inches, bagged in a plastic poly sleeve with backing board and is ready to frame. Retails for only $13, shipping included.


Weekend Launch & Hot Toddys

Magnet, 2 inches square, available on the online store

Saturday, November 10th is Launch Day. The Online Store will be up and ready for orders and just in time for the Holiday Season… So come by the store, check things out… and PLEASE, I would love feedback on your experience at the store. I want it to run as smoothly and as happily as is online-ably possible!

Hot Toddy Sunday at Sidestreet Arts…

If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, you have been officially invited to Hot Toddy Sunday at the gallery (140 SE 28th Ave) on Sunday, November 11th… where you’ll be treated to Bloody Marys… Ha! Kidding! Just checking to see if you were paying attention. You’ll be brunchin’ and munchin’ And day drinkin’ with rum! Come party with the artists… and it’s ALL FREE! Come see my Jazz Collages up close… and enjoy all the wonderful art of my fellow artists at Sidestreet Arts. 

Online Store Launch & Good Press

News Flash! I will be officially launching the Online Store on Saturday, November 10th. Buttons, books, zines, greeting cards, magnets, original and reproduced art, will be available to purchase through Squareup… this means you can use a credit card to purchase items and they will be sent to you (prices on the website include shipping). Just in time for Christmas! You will be able to access the store from this website and also from Instagram. Follow the link to my Instagram account in the sidebar.


Christine Davis wrote a nice article about Sidestreet Arts (and us new members of the gallery) for OregonLive. You can read that here.

We also got a shout from the SouthEast Examiner in our own neck of the woods here in Portland…

SE Examiner article

Max Jacob & the Reception

I got to the gallery on Friday to find that “Max Jacob” was sold. This is a fine way to start the opening to your show. The reception for The New Member Spotlight Show was a success with many folks grazing the walls and the munchies. It was a successful evening all around.

“Max Jacob” ... Sold!
Me & Max… Photo by Judy Drueding, taken at Sidestreet Arts

Max Jacob was a friend of Pablo Picasso. Max first saw Picasso’s work at the successful 1901 Galeries Vollard showing in Paris, Picasso’s first exhibition of his work in the city. Max, a poet, was immediately smitten with the young artist, who had not yet reached fame and fortune. Max took Picasso under his wing, taught him French and introduced him to French literature. And like most of Picasso’s friends, Max was used and abandoned when in need after Picasso had achieved great wealth and fame. Max died in hospital after the Nazi’s abducted him from the abbey where he was staying. Picasso turned his back on Max, refusing to sign his name to a petition for Max’s release. I had such great sympathy for Max, and I was compelled to do his portrait in collage this past summer. Max is smiling, as he did often, and was a constant source of wit and humor for Picasso and his band of artists.

Upcoming Event: Because we like to party at Sidestreet Arts gallery, our next “to do” is on November 11th… it’ll be Hot Toddy Sunday. We’ll be serving a warm antidote to the incoming cold temps and wet weather. Don’t miss “the mulling” … where you can sip hot toddys while hobnobbing with the artists.