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I'm a cartoonist. I strip for a living... cartoon strips that is... I draw chuckles and silly situations for a living. Somehow, I get paid for this. I try to find the funny side of life... write about it.... and then share. Humor is a powerful thing. N'est pas?

The toons are done and sent off to the FTP sites… and I am finally breathing normally! Quel Relief! …or something like that. (I should’ve studied my French a little harder).

So the bags are packed, the camera is charged and most of my affairs are in order. Here’s the plan…

I just upgraded my personal Flickr account so that unlimited photos can be uploaded… etc, etc… so along with this blog (right here where you are), I will be uploading photos from this trip here: Brigtoon’s flickr …. it is also a tab on the right.

Harold is ready to travel!

Harold is thrilled. He fits in my “Euro bag” quite nicely. Euro bag was bought specifically for my last trip to Europe two years ago. It is a PacSafe product with heavy duty zippers that clasp and slash-proof straps (to guard against those wily gypsies I was warned against. It is the most comfortable backpack I have ever had… and I happily recommend their products. And Harold seems comfortable enough IN it.

So Happy Fourth to all… et Salut mon amis!

See us off this First Friday… July 2nd

This coming Monday my people and I are leaving for a three week trek in London, Paris & Provence.

So for this First Friday, July 2nd, the Cartoonery will be sporting a little Euro flavor. That’s right… We’ll have some tastey European inspired treats for happy munching. Judy will be offering Absinthe Cake in honour of our tour de France … and shortbread for our London travels. So come see me and Harold off … (this is his first European adventure and keep track of his sight-seeing online here!)

The Cartoonery, 5 East Gabilan St., Suite 205, Oldtown Salinas, CA… 5pm – 8pm.

So who esle is watching “wOrk Of ArT”?

Okay, I have to admit something… that I watch and love Project Runway. As a creative person, I like to see the creative process and the skillful manipulation of materials applied to a challenge. I love to see creative people’s ideas, style and slant on life. I enjoy ‘getting to know’ each contestant and finding out their personalities and their quirks… but it hasn’t always been so.

In the past, I have stuck to my “I hate so-called-reality-tv”. Who acts normal while a camera is filming them? And editors and producers can tweak footage to get a particular slant or perhaps overemphasis an event. Too, product placement and sponsors infiltrate the show. “Use the Bluefly wall responsibly”… and that bugs me!


Imagine how excited I was when NPR did a quick story on Bravo’s new show “Work Of Art”. I immediately set my watch to showtime.

So I’ve tuned in to the two aired episodes now… and despite the formulaic structure and cheezeball appearance of that sex-in-the-city star (Mrs. what-do-YOU-do?) in episode one, I have found the show to be kind of fun. It reminds me of the art class exercises and classroom antics I experienced in college. There’s the really good artist person who’s rather annoying and that everybody talks about behind his back; the older artist who’s on a different wavelength, the really earnest and very talented artist who is under-appreciated, the guy who’s had very little training and is a complete art-naive, and ARTgirl, with the artsy haircut.

I even like the judges… notably Jerry Saltz, who seems to know what he’s talking about…¬† but am still trying to decipher the Tim Gunn stand-in, French Swiss accent guy, Simon de Pury.

So early on… Abdi Farah is who I am rooting for. All-around nice guy and talented, I like his style. It’s no wonder he’s been in the top 3 the first two shows. And Miles… I want to throw things at him… he’s talented… yes, but I couldn’t help but think that he was the “third butt-*7&%” in the last night’s gallery show (where he actually slept on his piece… and what was the object he fOUND at the refuse center? how did he use it again? because I missed that).

Anyhoo… So who else is watching this show? Throw me some comments.

Travel Buddy

joining the ranks of traveling stuffed companions...

Meet Harold… he’s my travel buddy. And he’s gonna be seeing Paris, London and Aix with me. He doesn’t take up much space, and doesn’t weigh much. He’s very excited about the trip, never having been abroad. I’ve shown him the travel photos from the last trip and he’s bursting at the seams to begin our journey, which starts on July 5th from San Francisco International.

Be sure to return here soon to see pictures of Harold and I traveling around Europe. (He’s a handsome devil, ain’t he? … very photogenic!)

daydreaming of Paris…

My thoughts turn to Paris. It’s not hard to float into a daydream about traveling to “the city of light.” In fact, I’m thinking about it more and more as my trip to Europe is just under a month away!

I want to daydream about sipping a coffee in a little cafe in the Latin Quarter… or walking in a French garden… or contemplating an Impressionist painting in the D’Orsay. Instead, tugging at me are such tidbits as “what shoes will you bring? Your hip Converse tennies or your more comfortable ‘walkers’?”? Both I say. “Should I pack the watercolors with me on the plane or in the luggage? How many pairs of socks should I bring?”… anew!

It’s a new dawn… and the old blog is gone… This is the new and improved site. I broke the last one… something good. So this is a fresh start! I like fresh starts!

flora and food

Sooo… To start things off:

First Friday Art Walk is upon us. It’s a bit cyclical, isn’t it?

June 4th, 2010, people. The weather will be lovely. The drinks will be chillin’ in the sink. And Judy’s famous “Oatmeal Everythings” will be waiting on a plate for you. AND…. if you whisper “Green Fairy” at the door, you’ll find something special in your drink.

5 E. Gabilan Street, Suite 205, Salinas, (If you’re not in California, you may want to skip this one).

Fun starts at 5pm and lingers until 8pm. The Cartoonery is upstairs above First Awakenings… the entrance is on Gabilan Street. Look for the sandwich board.