the Squid Row neighborhood

I started Squid Row after a visit to Ohio State University. There was a show at their Cartoon Research Library, a retrospective on Calvin & Hobbes Sunday pages… I was thrilled and inspired, having loved the strip over the years. This visit made me want to be a cartoon stripper.

starting artists waste nothing! You draw what you know. I was a starving artist once… and so I had something to base my main character, Randie, on…. me. Although Randie is, in many ways, my alter-ego… I have certainly used artistic license in her doings and all-abouts. For instance, I don’t eat nearly as many donuts or pop’n tarts… and I am physically unable to consume as much coffee as she can… although I’ve tried.

Randie’s best friend Ryan is her “caretaker.” A waiter by day, freelance writer by night, Ryan supports Randie’s coffee habit… and often finances her groceries sometimes taking art as payment. He’s a good soul, the voice of reason, and a dear pal… unless, of course, he’s playing Scrabbled.

Randie & Ryan have a group of pals, and there’s a few nemesises as well…. (curse you, Jimmy Chow! Be banished Maximillian the painter! Darn it, Twinkie!) Spill, Kai, Grace, Enid and Mouse round out the gang. See what troubles and silly situations they all get into over at

The firstest Squid Row compilation is 128 pages in stunning full CMYK color! You can order the book right now! Contact me via the contact page, send me a check or we can Paypal it! Did I mention it is ALL in color?

Then there’s the second Squid Row compilation, Down But NOT Out on Squid Row It is also available for the same price of $14.95.


AND NOW… You can follow Randie and Ryan at  … where you can see the NEW adventures of Randie and Ryan… newlyweds!


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  1. Hi,
    Saw you on Ch 8 today talking about your work. Glad to hear you are now in a newspaper and now a book???
    Way to go my friend and congratulations.
    Is Palace going to carry your book?

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