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Bridgett Spicer

I’m a silly person, I’m an artist creative & a cartoonist.

I live in Portland, Oregon where I am a member of the Sidestreet Arts gallery. My multi-media artwork is whimsical, colorful and often has a cartoonified line.

Over the years I’ve  penned two  comic strips Squid Row, (ran 4 years-The Monterey County Herald)… and Randie and Ryan . Both comic archives appear online.

I haunt coffeehouses, enjoy painting, sketch booking, petting cats, exploring art supply stores & tiki bars.

Contact me via email: brig@squidrowcomics.com

10 thoughts on “About-Talk To Me”

  1. I enjoy your cartoon. I live in Marina, CA and was trying to figure out if you were from the area (my guess is Santa Cruz). I read your cartoon in the Monterey Herald. I would love the thought of “local girl makes good.” Keep it going.

  2. Hi Bridgett! It was a pleasure to meet you and all your friends last night! I’m so glad I “accidently” (there are no accidents!) met up with Greg downtown and he steered me to your studio.(Great space, by the way!!!)I really enjoyed the conversations and camaraderie – good stuff! I’d love to follow up with you on the possibility of putting together a creative forum/group – with the idea of offering social opportunities and creative/development encouragement. Let me know what you think! I look forward to our next encounter. Until then – Best of every moment! – Dean

  3. Hello Bridgett

    I just wanted to say that I Enjoy your humorist cartoon sketch’s for they really brighten day, Keep on cartooning the silly way and making the world thus more a better place to be.

    Sincerely Mikhail

  4. Did you just recently do a three-weekend sketch workshop at Monterey Museum of Art? If ‘yes’, a friend said it was great and your were fabulous! Will you do another? If so … when?


  5. Hello… And, yes… I am that person. I will be doing more workshops in the spring. If you would like to sign up for my email newsletter (on the lefthand sidebar), you can get updates! And, yay! I’m glad that the workshop was enjoyed!

  6. Thanks for coming to my middle school (B40) so many years ago. You inspired me

    Hi from Santa Cruz

  7. Well, Hello there, Christopher… Thank you for your message… I’m so glad that you remember my visit and that you were inspired by it! Tell me which jr. high school you attended. Are you drawing today? Cartooning? Smiles upon you!

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