Dearest Harold…

Mon Cher Stufftie, Harold… has gone to live with my niece, Madilyn. Over the years, she and Harold and Bear, Madi’s adored Stufftie, were the best of pals. On a trip to Hawaii earlier this year, Bear got separated from Madi and became a Stufftie Missing in Action. He has yet to be found. Madi, of course, was distraught and misses Bear with all her heart. (Pictured below is Harold with a new friend at Madilyn’s house).

This Thanksgiving, we visited Madi and her family… with Harold. Harold asked if he could stay with Madi for the duration, and it was quite apparent that he needed to stay with Madilyn from now on. I am filled with joy that they are together… and I will, of course, miss my little Stufftie pal, but I know that he is close to Madi’s heart, and we’ll always know where he is.

I will send down Harold’s clothes and things soon… his beret, Hawaiian shirt, his feather boa (don’t ask), top hat and other things. He will be greatly missed but also… very loved … from all sides.

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