Behind the Scenes

Cards and Postcards are underweigh… I have 2 scooter postcard designs to start (there will be more, of course). They are available at Sidestreet Arts (@ $2 each) to begin with and I will be expanding them into an upcoming online shop.

I have set up three  greeting cards so far. The two “Jazz” cards correspond with my upcoming show at Sidestreet Arts. I will have brand new collages in “The New Member Spotlight Show” …all with a jazz theme. The cards are 5×7 and will retail for $4. Now that I have a template set up, I will add more cards to the rotation.

In regards to the e-commerce-ing… I am researching and weighing my options. There are 3 options that I am looking at: I have an Etsy shop I haven’t touched for some time; I have a Square account that offers an online mercantile; or I can put a simple shopping cart on this site. It’s no small decision and I am trying to decide which is best for me, my time, and my users. I live by the motto, “Keep is simple, Silly!”


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