The toons are done and sent off to the FTP sites… and I am finally breathing normally! Quel Relief! …or something like that. (I should’ve studied my French a little harder).

So the bags are packed, the camera is charged and most of my affairs are in order. Here’s the plan…

I just upgraded my personal Flickr account so that unlimited photos can be uploaded… etc, etc… so along with this blog (right here where you are), I will be uploading photos from this trip here: Brigtoon’s flickr …. it is also a tab on the right.

Harold is ready to travel!

Harold is thrilled. He fits in my “Euro bag” quite nicely. Euro bag was bought specifically for my last trip to Europe two years ago. It is a PacSafe product with heavy duty zippers that clasp and slash-proof straps (to guard against those wily gypsies I was warned against. It is the most comfortable backpack I have ever had… and I happily recommend their products. And Harold seems comfortable enough IN it.

So Happy Fourth to all… et Salut mon amis!

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  1. Slash-proof straps! My word! I think I might have been safer in Vietnam! Be careful out there Brig!

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