daydreaming of Paris…

My thoughts turn to Paris. It’s not hard to float into a daydream about traveling to “the city of light.” In fact, I’m thinking about it more and more as my trip to Europe is just under a month away!

I want to daydream about sipping a coffee in a little cafe in the Latin Quarter… or walking in a French garden… or contemplating an Impressionist painting in the D’Orsay. Instead, tugging at me are such tidbits as “what shoes will you bring? Your hip Converse tennies or your more comfortable ‘walkers’?”? Both I say. “Should I pack the watercolors with me on the plane or in the luggage? How many pairs of socks should I bring?”

2 thoughts on “daydreaming of Paris…”

  1. The best travel advice I ever heard: Lay out all the clothes you plan to take, and all the money. Then pack half the clothes, and twice the money.

  2. Ah! Great advice indeed! I plan on buying some clothes while on vacation. It’s fun to shop in a “foreign” store. We went to a place in London, …. something & Spencer…. and it was fun seeing how the Euro folks do things. In Paris, we went to the Monoprix. There was clothes and household stuff upstairs and groceries downstairs. And whilst in Brussels, we happened to be there when they do their once-a-year MAJOR sales event, when there are literally GOBS of people walking betwixt the stores.

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