Home and yet…

Getting our luggage down the stairs was much easier than getting them up! It’s amazing that we schlepped all this stuff around Europe by cab, train, subway, plane, and car. What was in’em? Art supplies, gifts, books, bottles of Pastis, absinthe and various other alcohol, pamphlets and maps and stuff… oh, and some clothes.

Even though the plane has long since landed, and the jet lag is beginning to fade, I have so much left to share about this trip… pictures that aren’t up, funny things that made me laugh… observances I want to note… so I will continue to post about this travel adventure… because my head will still be in the clouds long after our initial return.

3 thoughts on “Home and yet…”

  1. So sad to leave, huh? Know what you mean, Brig about living “Paris.” So drink out of your good crystal glasses, eat off your china dishes, drink good wine and/or alcohol, admire natural artistry as well as manmade architecture, and enjoy sitting with friends for lunch or coffee. Love the Paris apartment – keep info for future trips with say, your old AC or your mom?

  2. Glad you enjoyed… There is so much I love about Paris that I want to share it with others and keep it with me always… the experience was so rich and I don’t want to forget!

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