French Wine and stuff

Okay… I have had a couple of glasses of French Wine (Cote du Rhone, 2008) … so if there are some errors in this blog post, you will excuse me…. (hiccup!) Also… I have a feeling that I am just going to ramble a bit. My apologies.

Wine is sooo cheap here! Geez… and it’s tastey! We have been enjoying many wines from the Rhone area. The other night we had a Clos Petite Bellane, 2005, which was very good and recommended and purchased from two fellas in the wine shop two doors down from our apartment.

The apartment here is so cute! It is small, but well laid out, well planned and well placed. There is a view of Notre Dame, and way off in the distance, Sacre-Coeur. Unfortunately, there is some scaffolding in between as a new building is going up just along the line of site. But I can hear the bells of Notre Dame in the morning and at night. Of course, like the last three places we’ve stayed, we’ve been on the top floor. Very top floor… 73 steps up to get to this apartment. BUT, the view has been nice. The rooftops of Paris are just amazing. There is actually a book out I’ve seen around here done up by an artist watercoloring the roofs of Paris.

our Paris spot

And I have to tell you that the clouds here in Paris… hang for the artist’s eye. I have never seen clouds so wonderfully shaped, so exquisitely placed for the painter to capture, for the photographer to shoot. Nobody does clouds like Paris. I have failed to capture them properly in my sketchbook, so I have resorted to photography. All truth out, I prefer to take photographs, and then draw from the pics. It’s this stupid thing I do… I get overwhelmed a lot… I don’t do well to Plein aire painting, like Randie. I would rather take photos and then work from them. So I have taken 5 trillion photos on this trip… which is why getting them up on Flickr has been slow going.

The weather here in Paris has been much more cool than in Aix. We’ve had a bit of rain, which wasn’t a hard rain, but a soft, just-enough-to-make-you-get-out-your-umbrella rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit wet, and so we will need to find an indoor activity to do… or maybe just saunter about the Latin Quarter. Each day here, we’ve had SOMEThING to do… some place to go… maybe tomorrow we’ll just hang out in a cafe… or find a dry spot and just draw. That’s what artists are supposed to do in Paris, right?

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