Street Markets are the best!

Place de foodie

Okay… the French have it all over us with groceries! Sure, they have the local Monoprix (has groceries and everything else)… but street markets are the total best! We try with our local farmers’ markets… but the food here is simply amazing! It is so much fun gathering fresh fruits, nuts, veggies, olives, chevre (goat cheese) and even wine at the street markets. The markets are daily and they rotate from Place to Place. This one is in the Hotel de Ville (Town Hall) area.

So with euros in hand, Judy and I picked up a melange of ridiculously good olives, walnut sausage (yes, they make the sausage with the walnuts right in there!… sooo tastey!)… and a loaf of artisan olive bread (with the olives right in there! so tastey!), WAY fresh garlic (that keeps the mosquitos away), a 5 euro bottle of local wine… Chateau de Vaucouleurs (which was rather good), and Oh… I’ll just show you a few pictures of some of the meals that we’ve conjured up (yes, I take pictures of our food…. for art purposes and proper photo-documentation)…

now I'm hungry...
les tournesols
olive bread, olive melange, chevre...

4 thoughts on “Street Markets are the best!”

  1. When I was little (and didn’t have much money of my own), I used to get so bored going around marketplaces with my parents. Of course, by the time I became all growed up, I came to love them 🙂 The one in Sheffield, South Yorkshire is particularly excellent 🙂

    That walnut sausage sounds awesome!

  2. I’ve busted some sellers at our local farmer’s markets selling wholesale produce, from the same out of state factory farms the chain supermarkets get them! You have to really watch it.

  3. No new updates? Since I’m living vicariosly via your France trip, need my daily fix.

  4. Ah… well, I put some stuff on and also Flickr… I should let folks know that there are other places to see stuff…. so there you are!

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