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New “Tell It To ’em” art

If you are as upset as I am about how the current president is using our tax money to fund his trips to his Florida resort… moneys that  could otherwise be spent on funding PBS or the NEA or Meals on Wheels… then download this “Tell It to HIM” cartoonification and send it off to The Trump White House. ** visit the download/letters link to see more “Tell it to’em” cartoonifications. 

Squid Row is Coming Back!


Squid Row is coming back!
You will find it returning to the internet near you beginning Saturday, June 4th! It’ll be a bit different… You’ll see a few new characters mucking about… and you’ll get to know some of the familiars more better, as well.
Ever wonder if Mouse “got over” Randie? Is Grace still employed? What’s going on with Midge at the comic book shop?
Well, you’ll find out starting the first Saturday in June. And you’ll still get Randie & Ryan on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Visit today for a refresher…