A SKetchbook(ed) LIfe in progress

Sidestreet Arts

With all the everything going on… I have neglected posting on this my website. Let’s get up to speed…

A Sketchbook(ed) is currently in progress at my (member) gallery, Sidestreet Arts in Portland, OR. Online at Sidestreetarts.com, you’ll find the art that’s in the show… and you can buy directly from the site; and art can be shipped to you wherever you are!

AND… Sunday, October 18th, I’ll be giving a Zoom art talk. It’ll be half workshop, so bring your sketchbook, or not. I’ll show you what books and art supplies I prefer and give you “my approach” to the art of sketchbooking. I’ll share all the different techniques I use to fill my sketchbooks and we’ll have time to chat and Q&A at the end. Join me!

Here’s the ID # 859 4382 0201 …. Passcode: gallery

It’s Coming Soon!

My upcoming show at Sidestreet

I’ve been getting this show together for the last few months… It’ll be here before you know it. There will be sketchbooks at the gallery to peek into. There’ll be new art based on sketches done in previous books, artwork that was conceived in sketchbooks… and framed reproductions of sketchbook covers. There’ll be a Zoom Art Opening and an artist talk as well…. stay tooned!

Summ(er)ing up

Sidestreet Arts… our artist owned Portland art gallery

It’s been a strange Winter and Spring… plagued (forgive the pun) with illness and “homing” it. Personally, I spent a goodly amount of time on my couch with the iPad making zines and keeping art-ified. Most of January was lost to “the crud”… and part of February, too. But I pulled out of it, making art cards and zines and Instagram-ing them for sale.

The gallery was closed during the shutdown, of course… but we members sprung into action to keep people “Sidestreeting”… We introduced an internet-based website platform to see and buy art from us… we also set up Zoom First Fridays and BYOBrunch events so people all over everywhere could participate. This required a lot of behind the scenes work… and we are continuing these online events as Oregon isn’t out of the woods yet (another pun-ish-ment) with pandemic response, etc.

Now, as we head into Summer, Sidestreet Arts is open once again. Along with working the gallery, I’m also working towards a sketchbook show in October (at Sidestreet). I’ll be sharing over 153 sketchbooks with the art-viewing public. I’ve been going through every single book and documenting them, as well as noting sketches to turn into new artworks and such.

One of the many shelves of sketchbooks, which are now better organized!

You can keep in the loop on this coming show and other things I’m up to by following my Instagram account and also (if you feel so inclined) by supporting me on Patreon where for $2 a month, you’ll have access to my regular blog. Many smiles upon you!

Jolly Time & Holiday-ing

It’s certainly the most wonderful time of the year… The trick is, you just have to avoid the overly busy shopping places and the cranky hubbub. That’s right… You don’t have to stand in line at big corporate stores to buy mass produced gifts. No, you can be selective and creative in your shopping. This is how I do my gifting (which keeps me cheery). I buy from fellow local artists if I don’t make it myself. I like to be merry and full of the creative holiday spirit, don’t ya know.

Sidestreet Arts Is not only is a great place to shop for the holidays… but it also carries my work.

This was my table at my friend Nicole’s Mt. Tabor Holiday Open Studio. It was a fantastic weekend… my big seller, as always, was my hand drawn, unique Copic Marker pinback buttons. But there were lots of other things that sold… like magnets, zines, cards and matted art.

Scene from the recent Mt. Tabor Holiday Open Studio… The Bridgett Shoppe

If you visit Sidestreet Arts on 28th & Ash in Portland (OR), you’ll see new matted art, new magnets, Christmas cards, buttons and more. And you could always contact me with questions or visit my online shoppe. Meanwhile… happy holiday-ing! Don’t forget to be jolly.

Holiday Pop-up in December

Sure to be a hoot!

I will be bringing my traveling art show for you to Christmas shop through. It includes matted and framed original art, prints, Art-o-Rama zines, Squid Row comic books (comics about artists) and lots of other artsy stuffs! So mark your calendar!

December 7 – 8, 10-6pm

3410 SE 56th Avenue, Portland, Oregon

New Online Store experience

examples of stuff available at my online store

My online store is hosted by Square… and Square bought Weebly… and Weebly is now running the online store. It’s a nice little circle of ecommerce.

So I’ve been mucking around in the new store… it’s not a HUGE change visually thus far, but I think it’s more shop-able… not so clunky. And as I become more fluent, it will change more often as it’s more easily manipulate-able on my end. So I invite you to look around and see what’s going on at Bridgett-Spicer.square.site


I will be giving an Artist Talk at Sidestreet Arts (Portland, OR) on 8-11-19. I’ll talk about the inspiration for “Closer to Home,” as well as the muses and symbolism in the artwork. There will be delicious brunchy foods and drinks. Talk starts at 1pm, but if you are one of a dozen visitors to come at noon, you’ll get one of my zines!

Here’s the SE Examiner’s blurb on the matter… courtesy of Brian… Thank you, Brian! You all are awesome over there!

Closer to Home… soon

Sidestreet Arts: July 31-Sept 1, 2019

I’m “Closer to Home” … on July 31st, with an opening reception on August’s First Friday, I will have all new mixed media and acrylic paintings in the main featured gallery. There are twenty brand new pieces along with some fantastic new work by Portland ceramicist, Nicole M. Curcio.

This show deals with my changing relationship to Portland; from a tourist destination, to home, to muse, I examine the things that make Portland Portland, and also … my new home.

Opening Reception: Friday Aug 2, 2019 from 6-9 pm.

Artist Talk & Reception: “Bridges & In-roads”

Sunday, August 11, 12-2 pm with talk @ 1pm.

… expression is the conveyor belt of art… or is it the other way around?