Squid Row is Coming Back!


Squid Row is coming back!
You will find it returning to the internet near you beginning Saturday, June 4th! It’ll be a bit different… You’ll see a few new characters mucking about… and you’ll get to know some of the familiars more better, as well.
Ever wonder if Mouse “got over” Randie? Is Grace still employed? What’s going on with Midge at the comic book shop?
Well, you’ll find out starting the first Saturday in June. And you’ll still get Randie & Ryan on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Visit Squidrowcomics.com today for a refresher…

Art-o-rama Zine…

sfsinefest-2015I create and publish a zine called Art-o-Rama… It publishes 6 times a year (every other month)… and the latest issue is all about one of my favorite subjects… coffee! Mmmm… I love me some joe.

Past issue topics include:

My love affair with Ireland, RLS, “Eat, Drink, & Be Merry” (how they partied in Dickens’ time), what it’s like being “under water”… and so much more! I started the zine back in the fall of 2012… so there’s many a’few!

photo 1

If you would like a copy, go to the contact button and drop me a message with your address. You’ll send me $6 via check or Paypal (we will work out the details) and I will send you a zine. It’s that simple. Maybe you’d like to subscribe? 6 issues for 36 bucks. Again, contact button.

Want to look through the latest copy of the zine? Okay…

Buttons, First Friday, Zine Fest and more!


Time for some Conventions and Stuff! This time of year is chock full of events and things! August-September-Oct are my crazy months.
Here’s what’s going on!

September is First Friday Artwalk in Oldtown Salinas on September 4th… look for my tent on the 200 block of Main Street.

It’s also Zine Fest in San Francisco o
n September 6th in Golden Gate Park…

October is The Alternative Press Expo in San Jose the first weekend of the month…. Oct 3 & 4 at the SJ Convention Center.

December is Salinas Valley Comic Con at the Marriott Hotel in Monterey, December 19 & 20.

What sort of stuff do I have to sell? Squid Row comic
books, buttons of all kinds (many are hand drawn unique pieces of art)… there are Photo on 2-18-15 at 9.41 AMposters and original art and artist trading cards!


… expression is the conveyor belt of art… or is it the other way around?