Flashback… trips to France


I drew this after my first trip to Paris, France back in 2008. “Randie Dreams of Paris”… I used photographs from that eye-opening trip to illustrate her dream of a Parisian Cafe and a Vespa. A second trip in 2010 introduced me to Provence and a retour a Paris. Three years later, France beckons once again… and my thoughts turn to crepes, escargot, and open air markets… and of the River Seine and watching the squiggly waters dance, reflecting the lights from passing boats as the sun dips down below the clouds near the Eiffel Tower. Like Randie… I fall into daydream and anticipation.

A fire gently smoldering… like creativity… a warm glow in the soul.

…these lights behind frosted glass captured my attention recently whilst at YAC’s Live Art Event. Seemed like an appropriate place to become inspired.

… expression is the conveyor belt of art… or is it the other way around?